Sponsorship Program

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Our friend Natalie will soon be moving to Uganda. Natalie has been involved in this project for years and she has written a lot about the school in our blog. Having Natalie in Uganda will give us a great opportunity to set up a sponsorship program to help the children most in need. Please read below the details of the program.


Hello friends, family and colleagues,

As you know I have been visiting Uganda since 2009, going every year with my main focus to visit as a volunteer and spend time at St Mary's school. I love to go there as it's a really friendly community school with good natured staff and wonderful children. St Mary's is in a village called Kirwanyi which is next to Seeta Nazigo village - the main trading centre. It has 340 or so students and 14 staff although numbers fluctuate all the time because of the complicated dynamics there!

Generally I visit each time for 2 months in the European summer and of course I pay for all my expenses! I always 'go over' with money that I have fund-raised, been given or contributed to myself. The money is spent with discussion with the staff to buy useful resources and equipment or to repair / update buildings. One year a substantial amount was used to pay the teachers wages which were seriously overdue. This school has many problems..... but saying that lets not forget all the AMAZING work that has gone on since 2008 when my friends Carlo, Phiona and their friends and family started to fund-raise to help this poor school. Where do I start? So many new buildings- 3 classrooms, teachers room, library, head's room. Headteacher’s house, 6 small staff houses, toilets, wash-rooms, new kitchen, store room. furniture, books, educational resources, renovation of an existing building...... see photos and more info on the website below and you can read many of my entries on the blog too:


Basically I have been working with another volunteer (Tadeo) and good friend on 'social profiling' students and their lives for many years. We have 110 students ready to be sponsored NOW. I find it really hard to express how much these students and their families are in need of help. I hope you can read the blog and get an impression of the lives of these children to understand why I am passionate about helping these students. The school would also greatly benefit from getting the school fees paid too so they can pay the teachers' wages.

After researching costs of a package (see below) I have calculated the average cost of sponsoring a student for a year to be 50 pounds.

PACKAGE: school fees for the year, two uniforms, shoes, pens, pencils, notebooks, exams and tests for the year.

OK so how does it work?

  *   You inform me that you are interested in the program or want to help and ask me any questions.
  *   If you wish to participate you can tell me your preference of who to help: age, class, gender, home situation....
  *   You give me 50 pounds (cash or by bank transfer or paypal to an account for the school, or to my paypal – lots of ways!), this is a donation for a year. I am only asking you to help for a year. We can revisit this later on, I will not 'expect' you to commit for any period of time.
  *   I collect this money up and when I depart for Uganda (July) I will personally hand over the money to the school for school fees and oversee the distribution of funds for uniform / equipment.
  *   I immediately send you an electronic 'profile' (see here an example) which tells you about the student's family, home life, school life and teachers comments. You will also be sent a photo.
  *   If you wish I can tell the student who you are sponsoring a bit about yourself. Send me this information electronically and I will print it out to give to the family / student.
  *   As I will be living in Uganda (I am going to be teaching in the capital in August 2013) I can assure you that I will be about to help co-ordinate this program and make sure you get feedback on the student you are sponsoring. Maybe we can organise letters from these students too and of course updated photos.
  *   After a period of time we will evaluate how this program is going and keep you informed regularly about progress at the school.

Please seriously consider getting 'on board' with this sponsorship project or alternatively if you would like to help you may wish to give a donation that can be used to purchase  needed equipment such as porridge, first aid, stationary, sanitation, educational resources.

I need you to help me to help them!!!!!!