Richard Wesuli - Head Teacher

Richard is the Head Teacher and a qualified grade 3 teacher. He has been at the school for 2 years and 7 months where he also teaches science to P4 – P7 pupils and mathematics to P4 / P5 students. Richard said he likes to have fun with the younger children (under 12 years old) and likes helping children to stay in school until they complete their studies. Richard was born on the 5th May 1979 and from Busia district. He is married to Nafula Constance who is also a teacher and they have one child together. In his spare time he likes to watch movies, listen to music, read novels, move around, go to the garden and visit friends.


Andrew Owede

 Andrew is one of the older members of staff at 42 years old. He was born on the 6th of June 1970 in this district of Mukono. He is a Catholic Christian and a teacher by profession. Andrew primarily teaches English but also religious education and social studies to pupils in P4 to P7. He is also the class teacher for P7 and has been at this school for over a year. In his spare time he likes listening to music and is currently engaged to be married, with the hope to be wed by the end of the year!


Edith Nakamya 

Edith is our school cook! This is Edith’s 3rd year at St Mary’s. She is 33 years old and has one son - Gerald (11 years old) who is also at St Mary’s. Edith also looks after 3 other children, 2 of which are orphans. Edith’s husband has sadly passed away as well as her father, her mother is however alive and she lives with Edith and her children. Edith wishes to stay alive for a long time. She also wishes to have some more money to be able to access some basic needs and have some land so that she can construct a house and live in peace with other people. Edith is happy when she has harvested her crops and obtained a good yield!


Florence Mukozuba 

Florence is the class teacher for P3. She is 24 years old and the first born in her family. She has three sisters and five brothers and likes to visit them and her parents during holidays! Florence is single and has a 9 month old boy called Francis, he lives with her in the school accommodation. She is from central Uganda – Kayunga district. Florence is Catholic and likes listening to gospel music. She ‘wishes to help her sisters and brothers towards education and her parents to live a happy life’.


Fredrick Mulero 

Fred is 21 years old and not married. His home district is Kamuli and he has 14 members in his family. Fred is a Grade 3 teacher who teaches mathematics, social studies and English to pupils in P5 – P7 classes. He is also the class teacher for P5. His hobbies include music, sprinting, football, volleyball and handball. He is also the games master.

Gilbert Odwori

Gilbert is 24 years old and has been at St Mary’s for 3 years. He is currently ‘the Director of Studies’ and Liberian, he also teaches social studies to P4 – P7, maths and religious education to P5. I want to describe him as the headmasters ‘right hand man’! Gilbert tells me that he likes the teaching profession and dreams of going for further studies and to live a happy life. He hates quarrelling, fighting and wars! He is a Catholic man with a one year old son and as well as having fun with teachers and children, he likes to listen to music and watch football. Gilbert has one brother and one sister who he hopes to visit in December 2012.

Grace Kulabako  

“I am Madam Grace, 35 years old, a single lady with five children. One is a daughter (Prossy) and four sons, Ronnie, Simon, Tonnie and Adolf. And I was born in Masaka district. I am working in Mukono district, Nakisunga sub county, Seeta Nazigo Parish. I have been teaching for 10 years from certain schools. I started employment in St Mary’s Kirwanyi school in 2010, 3 years now. I love young ones so much and enjoy music, watching T.V. and reading newspapers. I mostly like chicken, Irish potato and matoke.”

Jackson Tidhamulala

 Jackson is a young member of the team at 22 years of age (DOB 13/2/1990) and is single. He is from the Musoga tribe in eastern Uganda and his home district is Kamuli. Jackson teaches mathematics and science and is also the class teacher for P6. Jackson is a Protestant Christian who “believes that hard work pays and with God all things are possible”. Hobbies include playing football, volleyball and listening to music.

Margaret Nakaye

Margaret (23 years old) has been at St Mary’s for over a year and is the class teacher for P1 as well as the head of the infant section. She has been teaching for two years and is from the far east of Uganda, Kiboga district. Margaret has a certificate in nursery teaching and would like to go back to college to study for a diploma in nursery teaching next year. She is single and lives at the school with her daughter who is called Leah and is five years old. Leah also attends St Mary’s school and is even in P1 and so taught by her mum! Her family consists of her mum and two brothers and a sister; sadly she lost her dad in 2000. During the long holiday at the end of the third term she will visit her family. Margaret likes “having fun with children, listening to music and making friends”. She dislikes people who mistreat young children.

Mary Kidde

Mary is 23 years old and has 3 children, a son and two daughters. She was employed at St Mary’s in 2011, left and has just returned in July 2012 as a nursery teacher. Mary is from this area – Mukono Kayanja district and she likes eating rice, fresh fish and cassava. Her interests include music and reading novels and she dislikes law breakers such as kidnappers and those who rape.

Mathias Ssentamu

 Mathias is the school’s longest serving member of staff and is a Licenced Teacher who teaches P2 students mathematics, English, Luganda and religious studies. He has been teaching at St Mary’s since 1993 where he was one of the ‘pioneers’ who started teaching under trees and open places! Mathias recalls that there were only three teachers with three classes which were under trees. Mathias was born on the 18th May 1952 in this district of Mukono. He is single and is a catholic. He rides a bike to school which he purchased from selling pigs which he had looked after at home. His hobbies include sports, football and handcrafts.

Moses Anedi

Moses is 32 years old and is married with four children, 2 girls and 2 boys, all of which he lives with. He is originally from Kaberamaido district in Uganda, (it’s in the east) but is now living in Mukono district in the village of Seeta Nazigo. Moses is a grade 3 teacher who qualified in 2005. He has been working at St Mary’s for 3 months but has 6 years experience in teaching. Moses teaches Science to P4 – P7, English to P5 and P7, and religious education to P4 - P7 classes. He is also responsible for training the students in volleyball and has set up school teams. Moses also likes to play sport with his colleagues. He is pleased that the school now has a new net and two new volleyballs!Moses says “I am a dedicated teacher who loves my profession.” Aside from working hard he enjoys watching movies, reading novels and jogging.





Victo Nakalubi

 I am Nakalubi Victo from Mukono district. I was born in 1992, now I'm 20 years old. I am amusoga by tribe, Ugandan by nationality. Am female by sex, am single, Catholic by religion. I have just qualified for teaching. I joined St Mary’s Kirwanyi on 13th July 2012 and now am a teacher in primary two. I teach English, Literacy 1, Literacy 2, news and P.E. I would like travelling to France, Britain. I like netball, music, watching television.

Silver Okwi  

Silver is the newest member of staff at St Mary’s. He is 25 years old, from Kumi district and married with one child. Silver has completed his O’ levels, joined a teacher’s college and is pursuing his grade 3 teacher’s certificate as he is very interested in teaching and wants ‘to be one of the drivers of the nation’. He will teach social studies and English whilst studying. In his spare time he enjoys watching football and playing volleyball and football. Silver told us that teachers are always respected in society and that he likes to be around children.